From the Author

From the Author

The Core Mystery is a stand-alone book of fantasy, fun, and facts that was written for students to enjoy and learn. I have also written two ancillaries which complement and expand upon the book in two distinct ways (both are available from St. Polycarp Publishing House).

Ancillary Supplement One

The first ancillary is called SpirtEd, Encounters With God. It gives a “Spirit Education” (Bible based), while being “spirited” with fun inducing activities. The Bible study corresponds with Orchard’s story in The Core Mystery, but everything that Orchard talks about is backed up by Scripture and is brought together to provide an in-depth understanding of, and coordination with, the New Testament.

In addition to having the Bible studies, worksheets, tests, and answer sheets, there are more special features of this ancillary:

• The Reflection Connection (Just Between the Two of You)

This is a suggested assignment for only the child and God to do together. It is my hope that if we start giving our youth a time to meditate on God’s Word, that when they are older, they will not turn from it.

• Dollars For Scholars

This is a homework assignment that can earn the student “dollars” (using play money) toward prizes that the teacher/parent has chosen. These prizes are at the teacher/parent’s discretion; asking the student/s to share what they would like to work toward, is a great inspiration for them to try harder. (I have used prizes from extra recess to trips to an amusement park.)

• Enrichment Activities

These contain several suggestions on how to enhance each lesson for deeper inspiration and/or fun. These are also used at teacher/parent discretion.

This supplement to The Core Mystery makes an excellent teaching resource for Christian Schools and Home Schoolers as their Bible curriculum, and by parents for family devotions.

Ancillary Supplement Two

The second ancillary is called A Core Language Arts Unit. It uses The Core Mystery to teach Reading, Spelling, Grammar, and Writing. It is a themed unit with time-saving teacher handouts and tests, as well as many enrichment activities.

There are also suggestions for complimentary offshoots of study for science or map skills. This Unit is divergent from the more staid way of teaching these subjects, but it is this divergence that makes the student/s want to study and learn since they are enjoying it at the same time.

Both of these ancillaries are a fresh and fun-filled way to bring students to the knowledge of the Bible and to academic success while, at the same time, leading them to the ‘core’ meaning of their lives— Jesus.

– Sandee Freese